The System

Ultraline enhances contemporary living environments with no visual compromise.
‘MORE OF A VIEW’ The Ultraline sliding doors advanced design and engineering, delivers 20mm sight-lines throughout the visible system.
This combined with PAS 24:2016, Part Q compliance makes the Ultraline sliding door unrivaled in both security and aesthetic appearance.
The most minimal glazing system that provides an opportunity to create what has been imagined and re-define the boundaries of what is achievable.
Ultraline has been designed around a clear vision & delivers a solution to the most rigorous of building requirements.
Pocket sliding doors, sliding open corners, fixed framed and glass to glass corners are available in 1,2,3,& 4 track systems that combine together to deliver your expectations.
Our innovative design team have engineered a system to accommodate your requirements.

night bedroom corner.jpg

Individual Panel Size & Sight Lines

Individual panels can be 4.2 metres wide or 3.2 metres high and up to 9m2 making for an inspiring view!

The ultraline system accommodates 20mm sight lines throughout the visible system.


Runner Mechanism & Integrated Drainage

Solid stainless runners and tracks guarantee smooth sliding throughout the life of the system.

Profiles are fully drained throughout the system into an integrated waterproof tray which is compatible with all drainage systems.

night kitchen from outside.jpg

Number of Tracks

The ultraline system can afford up to 4 tracks in an array.

Single Track 77mm
Double Track 155mm
Triple Track 233mm
Quad Track 310mm