How long has the business been running?

The business was founded in 2005 and we have been consistently growing and developing our sliding door ever since.

Can I buy the doors on a supply only basis?

Unfortunately we do not offer our product on a supply-only basis. The survey and the installation is simply too important to get wrong. So we insist on one of our installation partners carrying out the installation, often involving cranes or glazing robots to ensure everything is efficiently and safely installed.

Do you come to survey my project?

Yes, our installation partners do. Whilst it is possible to order off plan drawings if ordered early enough, we always recommend having us survey the project as it means you are not fully responsible for the sizes and vastly reduces the likelihood of any errors. It is also essential that we assess the access on site.

We are always working on shortening our lead time to ensure the build doesn’t come to a standstill while you are waiting for the glazing to be installed.

The survey is also particularly important for ensuring that we achieve a flush floor level where the finished floor level on the inside and/or the outside is flush.

Are the doors custom made for my aperture?

Yes everything is made to measure. There are no ‘stock sizes’ with our doors. We always survey before manufacture to ensure no mistakes are made and flush floor levels are achieved.

How large can you make the doors?

The maximum size per panel is 4.2m wide and 3.2m high as long as you don’t exceed 9 sqm per panel.

What colours do the doors come in?

We only offer 4 colours.

  • Brushed Platinum (Anodised)
  • RAL7016 Matt Anthracite Grey (PPC)
  • RAL7021 Matt Black Grey (PPC)
  • RAL9005 Matt Jet Black (PPC)

All colours are all marine-grade to 60 microns as standard.

All polyester powder coated colours are Matt at 30% gloss level.

Firstly and most importantly, by only offering 4 colours, we are able to stock profile in all 4 colours, which means we don’t order materials order by order and we are not at risk of powder coaters or any other supply chain issue causing us and our clients delays.

Secondly, even when we offered a larger colour range, we found that our customers were consistently choosing from a small handful of colours anyway and we have found it is a much less overwhelming customer experience to only have 4 colours to choose from.

How thin is the frame? What is the sightline?

Our central interlock sightline is 20mm and the outer frames at sides and head are all 50mm.

However, we have designed our door so that using our standard detail of a flush floor level and concealing the 40mm of the outer frames at the sides and head with render/cladding, you will actually only see a 20mm frame all the way around the door. This means that you can achieve a perfect visual symmetry.

What is the u-value and what different glass spec options are there?

Our standard double glazed units are high performance low-e coated, argon-filled units with black warm edge composite spacer bars. All of our units are made with toughened safety glass.

We offer solar control glass as a more expensive alternative option. The overall u-value for both standard and solar options is 1.2.

We also offer triple glazing, which comes with an overall u-value of 0.7 and a maximum size of 5.4 sqm per panel.

The differences between all of our specifications can be found in our brochure, available to download on this website.

How thick are the glass units and the individual panes?

All of our glazed units come in a total thickness of 36mm. The standard is 28mm so by using a thicker glazed unit, it means that on the larger door sets, we don’t risk the glass panes bowing and touching in the middle. It also aids our thermal performance.

The glazed units are comprised of 2 panes of glass both at least 6mm and can be up to 10mm depending on the overall sqm of the glazed unit.